McCalls Pattern Behavior Is Our New Favorite Tumblr
By a show of hands, how many of you have mothers who sewed when you were little? That's what we thought. Even now, you'd recognize a sewing pattern from miles away. If you were anything like us, you actually enjoyed going to the fabric store to pick out patterns with your momma. The whole staying still while she sewed part? The occasional pin pricks? Notsomuch.

Often, we'd let our imaginations get the best of us while mom slaved away cutting and stitching. The women on the packaging always looked so sassy, fun, and care-free. Where were they going? How did they get such perfect hair? Are they wearing lipstick, omg? Would mom be able to sew the buttons EXACTLY THE SAME WAY?

Fast forward years later, and the McCalls Pattern Behavior Tumblr perfectly says all the things we were secretly thinking — and even a few we weren't.

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