Jimmy Fallon Knows Why You're Single

In case you were unaware, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Thanks to Hollywood, the greeting card industry, and pretty much any other profit-minded business, we've been lead to believe that it is a Very Big Deal. If you're in a relationship, you should hang all of your hopes and dreams on how your significant other chooses to observe the occasion. If you're single, don't even bother getting out of bed tomorrow. It's not a day for you. You can plan to show your face again in public on February 15. 

We jest, of course. Valentine's Day — and the out-of-control proportion to which it has been blown — clearly needs to be approached with detached amusement. If you're in relationship, own it. If you're single, own it. That's what Jimmy Fallon encouraged fans to do with the hashtag #WhyImSingle. It allowed people on Twitter to good-naturedly joke about the reasons they may currently be unattached.

Everyone had fun with it, but no one hit the nail more on the head than Zach Braff. We bet this tweet will get him a date by Valentine's Day, which he will then need to cancel in order to binge-watch Gilmore Girls. You do you, Zach Braff. That sounds like an ideal night.


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