You Can Now Have A Bronze Cast Of Your Anus (NSFW)

Illustrated by Ly Ngo.
In case there's any room left on your nightstand next to your head-shaped vibrator and 3D-printed dildo, we've got just the thing to round out your collection of custom-made, bedroom objects. For the reasonable price of $1,900, London-based artist Magnus Irvin will make a bronze model of your anus.

Until recently, Irvin strictly worked with chocolate as his anus-casting medium of choice — thus the name of his product website, Edible Anus. After 15 years in the business, he decided to mix it up, and what better way than to go from the edible to the eternal? Within half an hour, you can get a cast made of your anus in either bronze or glass, through a process that involves the same gel used in dentist offices for retainer molds. 

Not only does the cast provide novelty value, as a tangible representation of something you never get to see, but having one made is also an exercise in self-love. Unlike the aforementioned customized sex toys, a bronzed anus serves no function beyond aesthetic enjoyment. Opting to have your butt made into something you can carry around implies some major pride in your body (as well as a serious sense of humor). 

If you have the cash to spare, consider gifting a bespoke anus cast this Valentine's Day — ideal for a lover in need of a paperweight. 

Check out the video below and follow alternative model Rayna Terror through her personal bronzing experience.
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