Lorde Defends Kim K, Explains Youth Culture

Photo: REX USA/Rex; REX USA.
As the initial shock of Kim Kardashian's Paper magazine covers and corresponding photo shoot wears off, celebs and culture critics have been quick to offer up many differing opinions. One of the voices supporting the cover is Lorde, who recently collaborated with Kanye West. She retweeted Kardashian's initial tweet and added the comment "mom."
Many thought Lorde was insulting Kim, joining Naya Rivera in scolding North West's mother for posing naked. Perez Hilton called Lorde out, as did some Tumblr users; one asked her if she was being hypocritical. Of course, youth culture slang was lost in translation, prompting Lorde to take to her Tumblr to further explain her tweet.
"[I] retweeted kim’s amazing cover and wrote ‘MOM’, which among the youthz is a compliment" she said. "[I] think [Kim] gets even more beautiful and sexy all the time like a fineass wine." Lorde admitted her humor might be misunderstood and that she made sure to text her mutual friend — we assume she means Kanye — to make sure Kardashian was aware of her praise.
Lorde went on to share her appreciation for the shoot's photographer, Jean-Paul Goude. It may seem like an innocent comment, but loaded, considering the criticism the Champagne photo has received regarding its ugly history. Of course, this doesn't mean Lorde is racist for admiring the work, but she, like many, might not be aware of its historical context. Her remarks weren't wrong per se — they were just uninformed.
Lorde has a history of being quick to show her appreciation or distaste for the latest Internet buzz, just as she did when defending her friend Taylor Swift earlier this week. Even her little jab at Diplo, another pal of hers, was more of a "C'mon man, really?" friend-to-friend exchange rather than a burn. She's not perfect, but she is 18. And, she's absolutely the kind of girl you want on your team. Hey, at least we do. (Vanity Fair)

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