It's Time To Dye Your Hair Green

Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images.
For the past few years, quirky hair color has been all about peach, pinks, and silvers. This summer, we went a little bit deeper and darker with rich violets and purples. In fact, so many plum-colored hairdos passed through salons across the country that the tell-tale mark of a hairdresser became purple-stained fingertips.
But, it's time for some real talk: Enough is enough. The pink and purple trend is fading as fast as violet hair on sun-bleached ends, and the next big color has arrived: Green hair is here to usher in a sultry season of "don’t call me cute."
Where pastels and pinks are pretty and soft, green is bold, moody, and complicated. Green hair will not only turn heads — it'll provoke conversation. This color combines the optimistic qualities of yellow and the calm, coolness of blue by melding them into a magical hue that somehow matches with absolutely nothing, but quite possibly everything.
So, don't stress about changing your wardrobe or color palette to match your hair. Green hair should be rocked with confidence and a big middle finger to the standard rules of beauty and color theory.
Although you may be daring, the green hair trend is not for the faint of heart. It's the most unnatural of hair colors (which is half the fun of it) but it's also one of the most difficult colors to quickly remove and change. However, if you;re going to make a bold color move, go big or go home.
Ahead, celebs who have dabbled in green show us how it's done.

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