Couples Sure Do Fight About The Strangest Things

Full disclosure: I haven't had a girlfriend in, like, 60 years. That makes me the last person who should be writing about the weird things that couples fight about. But, that was my assignment, so that's what I'm going to do.
The latest installment of Buzzfeed's hilarious video series “Weird Things of Coupledom,” examines the strange arguments that befall boyfriends and girlfriends. The list of petty domestic conflicts depicted in the brief clip includes issues like: Was the Tupperware closed properly? Can you please cut your toenails in the bathroom instead of the living room? When we play Scrabble, try sticking to the rules, would ya?
Those of you currently in relationships will watch the video with a knowing smile (or a grimace). "Oh my god! That's exactly what it's like!"
I watch it with a sinking sense of nostalgia. "Oh my god! That's exactly what it was like!"
The bottom line is I miss it. I'm sad. I'm lonely. Call me?

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