Beautiful New York City Body-Paint Photos Mess With Your Mind

Photo: Courtesy of Trina Merry.
Brooklyn-based artist Trina Merry utilizes an unconventional medium for her work: the human body. Combining intricate body painting with real-time photography, Merry produces surrealist pieces that seamlessly blend her subjects with their backgrounds, creating riveting works that leave you wondering where the body starts and the building ends.
Her latest series, New York City Camouflage, merges women and their environment to create captivating images that closely examine the relationship between people and where they live.
"My series is an homage and a challenge to Big Apple women who feel the need to blend in with everyone else in Gotham," Merry says. "I think many women move here hoping to live Sex and the City lives when the reality is most women have to ditch their fancy designer heels on the subway for more practical sneakers."
Merry's work sheds a new light on New York City: In the hustle and bustle of everyday life — the constant running to work, meetings, dinners, events — we rarely stop to appreciate the beauty of the city we live in or recognize how much it truly permeates with everything we do.
Ahead, see nine unbelievable photos from Merry's series. Can you spot the model in each one?

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