A Tiny Hamster Eating A Tiny Pizza Is Now A Thing That Exists

Two years ago, my sister had her bridal shower in a garden, and I was invited. Why a boy was invited to an event usually reserved for women is beyond me, but it happened. My sister likes to live on the edge, I guess. By the time the gift exchange rolled around, the macarons were but a pile of leftover crumbs, the Champagne had run dry, and I was swimming in a birdbath of boredom.
That's when I heard a rustling in the nearby woods, and rather than watch my sister feign excitement over yet another piece of kitchenware, I decided to investigate. I followed the sound deep into the heart of the wilderness, and as it grew louder and louder, I knew I was getting close.
Then, like a saint's vision of beatitude, I saw something that changed my life forever. Dozens of the cutest animals I'd ever laid my eyes on were having a dinner party. There was an owl eating tacos, and a fox gulping up a steaming bowl of borscht. I saw robins chomping on veggie burgers, squirrels sucking back oysters on the half shell, and a bear hogging a giant kale salad all to himself. But, all that took a backseat to the smallest hamster I've ever seen eating an even smaller slice of pizza. It was in a word: mesmerizing.
Why I never thought to record this hamster on my camera phone is a question I've wrestled with to this day. I blame my overdose on magic and whimsy. I see the hamster when I close my eyes at night, and when I open them in the morning. I've tried to explain to non-believers what it was like to witness it, but no one understands, and I thought they never would. Then, today out of the clear blue sky, a video emerged online, and well, behold. (The Daily Dot)

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