This Google Chrome Extension Literally Blew Our Minds

chrisPhoto: Courtesy of NBC.
If it ever feels like there's a Chrome extension for everything, well, that's because there is. In fact, we're writing this while flying over the Pacific, because a brand new widget just turned our MacBook into a gyrocopter. But enough about us; we're writing this post to help you, especially if you're a hater of the word "literally".
That means if you're Rob Lowe's character in Parks And Recreation Chris Traeger, stop reading now.
App developer Mike Walker has created a Chrome extension that replaces the wildly overused word "literally" with the far less offensive "figuratively" on sites all across the Internet. This will particularly appeal to language zealots who get perturbed by people's rampant misuse of the popular word.
A quick phone call to our eighth grade English teacher Mr. Blueberry (yes, that was his actual name) revealed that the word "literally" should only be used when describing something that is actually true. On the other hand, "figuratively" should be used when describing something metaphorically.
For example: This is figuratively a post about our own insecurities in a post-modern world. And, this is literally the last sentence you're going to read about it. (Yahoo!)

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