Starbucks By State: What Drink Are You?

starbucksPhoto: Courtesy of Starbucks.
Have you ever seen an odd-sounding Starbucks menu item and thought to yourself, who in their right mind would order an eggnog latte? Well, wonder no more. The coffee giant has painstakingly combed through hundreds of millions of orders to determine the most popular items in each state.
To no one's surprise, the most commonly ordered item across the country is a regular coffee, with the standard latte taking a distant second. In fact, the study revealed no real anomalies in our collective caffeine habits. Residents of states with warmer climates, like Florida, Texas, and Hawaii, are more prone to ordering iced coffees, while citizens of the colder states tend to gravitate towards hotter beverages.
The study showed individual cities play right into classic stereotypes we have of them. Folks in Seattle – the caffeine-crazed home of Starbucks – add an extra shot of espresso to their coffees, while health-obsessives in body-conscious San Francisco prefer soy milk lattes as their morning elixir. San Diego's drink of choice is the green tea Frappuccino, while the regular version of the blended beverage is big in Los Angeles.
So, which state gets the dubious distinction of being the eggnog latte capital of America? Oregon, of all places. Maybe there's just an abundance of holiday cheer around there. Check out Quartz for a closer look at the study. (Delish)

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