Dominique Ansel Shuttered by DOH, RIP Cronuts?

MP-IzLbXkV3Rh4B19NkbSKolg68naV7myJdjikSqCAAPhoto: Courtesy of Dominique Ansel Bakery.
We hate to break this to you guys, but if your weekend plans revolved around devouring a delicious cronut from Dominique Ansel Bakery, you're out of luck. Following the release of a customer video that showed a mouse scurrying around the Soho bakery, the Department of Health swiftly brought in inspectors this morning and shut the business down. Foodies near and far are heartbroken at the news. Has the king of cronuts been dethroned by a rodent problem? Yuck.
But, there is good news. Once the bakery exterminates and re-cements its basement, the sweet-tooth mecca could reopen as soon as midday on Monday — if all goes well with the inspection. A rep of Dominique Ansel spoke to Grub Street about the closure: "We know people expect a lot of us. We wish if a customer found something they would have just talked to us — we would have taken care of it immediately." Regardless of whether Dominique Ansel can reopen next week, one thing's for sure, that sh*t cray-nuts! (Grub Street)

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