Let's Talk About The New Walk Of Shame Kit

wos_embedPhoto: Courtesy of Walk Of Shame Kit.
Let's get right to it, shall we? There is now a Walk of Shame Kit. For just $34.99, you get a dress, sunglasses, backpack, pre-pasted toothbrush (kinda weird), flip-flops, face wipes, and a set of call/don't call notes to leave on your way out. Oh, you'll also get a breast-cancer-support bracelet, because some of the profits from the sales of this kit will go to breast-cancer research.
This kit is kind of amazing, in that it has everything you need for an unexpected sleepover in one, handy, fit-in-your-purse container. But, obviously, there are also some major problems with it, too. Well, actually, there are three specific issues we'd like to call out.
1. "I Woke Up Like This"
We subscribe to the WWBD — What Would Beyoncé Do? — philosophy. And, this product suggests we do not wake up flawless. Not into it
2. Language
Colloquially referred to as the walk of shame, there's actually zero shame to be had about a random sexual encounter. The Kit's website says its product is "everything you'll need to walk home with your head held high." Apparently, casual sex is something women ought to be embarrassed about. Even more troubling is the recommendation for men to keep a kit handy for their lady callers. "Aren't you tired of her taking your favorite tee-shirt the morning after to walk home in. Your problem is now solved, keep a Walk of Shame Kit in your house and don't have to worry about calling her to get your favorite tee back again." So, the product assumes that its clients are heterosexual and that men don't ever call women back after sex. Woof.
3. Winter
Even if you do feel that you need to hide last night's activities, you won't be fooling anyone if you're tromping around in flip-flops anytime other than summertime.
In closing we'd like to quote the venerable Jay Z: "Ladies is pimps, too." And, that's nothing to be ashamed of. (The Daily Mail)

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