Sound, Feelings, And You: An Aural Study of Emotions

For most of us, the sound of a baby crying will either elicit annoyance or glee. For others, the sound of pounding bass brings a feeling of confidence, while others find joy in thunderstorms. You might feel relaxed and content with the sound of rain, because it reminds you of some random summer on that random lake with that random family friend you had a crush on. Ah, memories.
The emotions that certain sounds stir up are complex and unique to the individual, but after completing Amplifon's mesmerizing quiz, you'll find that we're more alike than you might think.
Set against a hypnotic gradient of saturated colors, The Emotions of Sound presents eight different sounds with five varying emotions to choose from. The question is simple: What does this sound make you feel? Click the one you most closely relate to and then stats of how your answer compares to other users will appear. At the end of it all, you'll find out how you stack up against the rest of the world.
It's an aural journey that cleverly sheds light on the sounds so often cast off as white noise, but impact the way we live on the daily. Bonus: It provides enough eye candy to get you through the rest of the day's working hours. (Fast.Co)
Emotions of Sound Interactive Survey from AmplifonEmotions of Sound by Amplifon

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