Taylor Swift Gets A Haircut — In Front Of A Giant Crowd Of Her Fans, Naturally

As Taylor Swift assumed center stage, a large crowd gathered. There were cheers, screaming, perhaps a tear or 10. But, Swift wasn't about to perform. Oh no, dear friends, she was slipping into a salon chair for a haircut. That's right. Taylor Swift got her hair cut in front of a cheering audience and captured the whole thing on Instagram.
Gone are the long flaxen locks of yore, and, in their place, the pop singer is now sporting a long bob. Seems a touch deeper in hue as well, but that could be the filter. In any case, it's cute and it kind of reminds us of...Karlie Kloss' hairstyle?
Keep clicking for more pics of Swifty's big chop.
It's a great cut, but does it really warrant a throng of fans? Was there a point where she announced, "Okay, you guys, I'm really going to chop off some length," while her friends egged her on? Only Taylor could turn a simple cut into a mega fan-bonding moment — and accessibility into an art form.

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