The Best Smart Phone For Selfies Isn't From Apple

We can all agree that the #selfie is a true art form. According to The New York Times, #me is the third-most-common hashtag on Instagram, associated with over 184 million photos. We know why we take selfies in the first place, and have even narrowed down the best hour to indulge in the social media trend. But, we never really stopped to consider how the quality of our phones could be a key factor in the selfie process. So, when it comes to smart phones, what's the best option for snapping that pic?
Deputy tech editor Molly Wood tested out the front-facing cameras on four major smart phones. Surprisingly, the HTC One was the best option for a selfie. At 2.1 megapixels, this camera was consistently in focus and produced rich, true colors. It also performed better in low light. And, since many selfies are taken in fairly dark environments, that seems like a biggie. Wood found the Nokia Lumia 1020 to be a close second. Much to our and Wood's disappointment, the iPhone 5S was the worst option for a selfie. Though she acknowledges that its rear-facing camera is maybe the best in the world, the front-facing version leaves a lot to be desired.
It's worth noting, however, that Wood wouldn't necessarily call any of these selfies "good." And, she's right in saying that front-facing cameras aren't as wonderful as their rear-facing counterparts. What's key here is that we haven't lost sight of what's important: The perpetuation of both the selfie and the hashtag. (The New York Times)

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