The Golden Hour To Snap That Selfie Is...

rihanna1Photo: via @badgalriri.
There comes a time in everyone's day when our hair is just right, our beauty game is on-point, and trapping the moment in pixelated immortality is the only viable option for proof. Proof of what, you ask? Proof that, no matter how disheveled you might look running into your ex on the street (you know what we're talking about), you're just as fabulous as ever — if not more so. And, that time is — drumroll please — 9:36 p.m.
All right, not every selfie or photo taken of you at 9:35 or 9:37 p.m. will turn out awful; any pic snapped during the 9 o'clock hour will be ANTM-worthy. Thanks, science! Glad to see you're devoting time to necessary studies — how else would we know when the absolute best time is to indulge in our not-so-secret narcissistic habits? Still, if we're asking the big questions, let's ask 'em: What's so special about this perfectly lit hour? Well, that has a lot to do with when the party starts.
"In the party-planning business, the rule of thumb is that attendees will turn up looking pristine, but it will take them a while to relax with colleagues and truly look their best," Caroline Gardiner, a researcher party planner, told The Daily Mail. "After a couple of drinks and a bit of time warming up during the meal, partygoers are usually at their most convivial, and that’s when we’d recommend people get their photos."
Relaxing, however, will undoubtedly turn into sloppiness; heed that expert advice and snap them pics before you wind up unwillingly tagged on Facebook. The report didn't touch on nonparty picture-taking, so, uh, snap 'n' share at your own risk. (The Gloss)

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