5 Quick Tips For A Smooth Winter Pout

According to '90s trio TLC, the general rule of thumb on scrubs is that we don't want none. That is, until we're talking about beauty products which remove dead, flaky skin from our midst. In that case, bring 'em on, especially if we're talking about smoothing out chapped lips. Lip inflammation and cracked skin are the bane of most of our existence in the winter: It ruins a lipstick look, kissing becomes way awkward, and, if left untreated, the whole mess can split and bleed. No one has time for all that.
In order to get one's lip affairs in order during the colder months, a weekly scrub is needed. But, when and how to do it is a little more complex than simply grabbing something abrasive and going to town on your mouth. We turned to Sandra Lemmerman, assistant vice president of global brand innovation for Bliss, for help.
Ready to reinvigorate that pucker this winter? Prepare to rub, remove, and rehydrate with our expert guide to lip exfoliation.

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