Freak-Ing-Out: Public School's Women's Line In The Works

emPhoto: Via Instagram.
The folks over at The New York Times hung out with Public School for a lengthy article with NY's coolest designers. And, the piece definitely revealed more of what we already suspected: These guys are great dates to sporting events and humbly excited about their recent CFDA accolade. Better yet, though, they shared what many have been hoping for all along. The designers, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, will release a women's line to complement their already sought-after men's collection.
How soon can we expect the new range? Possibly, maybe, hopefully as soon as February. But, don't start marking your calendars and checking your credit-card balances quite yet. Ever the perfectionists, Public School will only show the line "if it's perfect," they tell the Times. Osborne explained, "If 1 percent isn’t to our satisfaction, we have no problem holding it back.” Chow continued, "...the timing is right, and we have an understanding of what a woman wants from us. It’s not just street or high fashion, but a combination of the two. It’s either elevated or brought down to earth."
If she's as "down to earth," as these two are, we imagine she'll be pretty damn cool. (The New York Times)

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