These Highlighting Commandments Are Words To Live By

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Here's a bittersweet beauty secret: If someone has highlighted and contoured correctly, you shouldn't be able to tell that it's makeup. But, when it comes to trying new things, we kind of need to look at something in order to copy it. So, what's a beginner to do? Things just got super stressful really quickly.
However, thanks to Allure, we now have our official highlighting and contouring bible. (Or, at least, the 10 commandments.) From where to shade to how to shade, the magazine has seriously helpful information. There's even tips on what to look for in a highlighting/contouring product. As the article states, "There's a fine (bronzer-caked) line between enhancing your best features and painting on an entirely new face." While we admittedly sometimes want to paint on a new face, we're stoked to learn how to enhance what the goddess gave us.
If you want to look like you have glowing skin and perfect cheekbones, this is a must-read. And, even if you're already super into the highlighting game, who doesn't love some good new product recommendations? ( Allure )
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