House Of Cards Season 2 Trailer Is A Gorgeous Film-Noir Treat

hocslidePhoto: Courtesy of Netflix.
Singletons everywhere, rejoice: We've got the best reason ever to fly solo this Valentine’s Day. Netflix just released a gorgeous, foreboding trailer for House of Cards, which announces the second season will premiere on February 14, 2014. If you haven’t seen the political thriller yet — cue an audible gasp, especially if you live in the confines of the District — now's the time to log onto your Netflix account and start watching. Like the first season, House of Cards season two will be released all at once, so you can binge-watch the weekend away, if that’s your style.
Netflix made an interesting move announcing the much-anticipated second season premiere with what is essentially the ultimate film noir-inspired teaser. The thirty-second clip of Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) is black-and-white, completely silent, and shot from a single-camera angle. Kevin Spacey doesn't make an appearance and there isn't even a mention of the show’s title, just the upside-down American flag that has become the symbol for House of Cards. But, fans know that the window Claire gazes through is the nighttime spot where she and her husband meet to plot their next move. So, we're banking on the fact that these two have something especially sinful up their collective sleeve. We'll just have to wait until Valentines’ Day to find out what it is.
Watch the preview below:

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