Jenna Lyons Wants You To Stop Overthinking Your Wardrobe

jennaembedPhoto: via British Vogue.
J.Crew president and executive creative director Jenna Lyons has some straightforward wardrobe advice for you: Don't overthink it. You'll just complicate a process that's meant to be fun and inspiring. "The overthinking doesn't go well; the quicker out the door the better," she told British Vogue. Her one rule for dressing? You guessed it. There aren't any.
"I'm not prescribed to rules," she continued. "I like...tweaking the idea of how something should be; wearing sparkles during the day, or a sweatshirt during the evening, or pairing a man's trouser with a feminine blouse. I like to twist the rules and to allow for that unexpected touch. I like things to feel a touch unfinished; sweatpants with heels, or tennis shoes with a trouser. Those things are important." And, those sorts of discreet eccentricities flourish within the J.Crew brand and have become synonymous with the creative, casual vibe just about everyone with a sense of levity enjoys.
We'd add one small caveat to Lyons' advice: The true key to breaking any (aesthetic) rule is to use your intuition and just go for it. Be confident. If it looks right to you, you will probably convince us, too. (British Vogue)

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