This Custom Molecular Jewelry Is Even Better Than Science Class

embedmoleculePhoto: Courtesy of Mixee Labs.
Maybe you aced AP Chemistry, or maybe you just wrapped up Breaking Bad. Either way, you've got a thing for chemistry. And, this quirky new jewelry line totally gets you.
Providing a new way to geek out with your style, Mixee Labs lets you customize 3-D molecular structures, and then string them around your neck or dangle them from your ears. You can select your design from the list of preset chemicals (including, but not limited to, caffeine, adrenaline, vitamin C, and estrogen) or upload your own.
To truly customize your new A+ accessory, you're also able to pick from a slew of materials and finishing colors, and even tweak the thickness of your pendant or the diameter of your atoms and bonds. Trust: This might all sound a bit technical, but these necklaces and earrings are actually really beautiful and sure to be quite the conversation piece. With prices ranging from $10 to $160, go ahead and channel your inner science buff and experiment with your new favorite piece of jewelry.

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