Jennifer Lawrence Peers Deep Into Your Soul For Miss Dior

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    What is it with Dior and its ability to remind us just how swoon-worthy and drop-dead gorgeous Hollywood's franchise mavens are? In the span of two days, they've given us new daydreams of RPattz, and reignited our complete devotion to Jennifer Lawrence (not that we could ever stop loving her). Case in point: JLawr's hot-off-the-press campaign pictures for Miss Dior — basically a wake up call to barefaced beauty doubters.

    It's a rather effortlessly beautiful campaign, with the actress's hair done in a messy knot and modeling a striking, architectural coat. Unlike her previous Miss Dior shoot, the wisps of hair aren't slicked back and tamed; her neutral lip and minimal eye makeup lend themselves to her girl-next-door aesthete. (Oh, and the bags she's modeling aren't too shabby either.) But really, though, look at her, looking at you looking at her. It's like she knows you're dying to be her BFF, but then right before you think she might cave, she turns her head. Sigh. Next time J Lawr, next time. (Popsugar)

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