Surprise, Surprise: New Yorkers Have The Worst Commute In The U.S.

Too long, too crowded, too stuffy — us New Yorkers sure like to spend a lot of time complaining about our commutes to work. And now, there's a new report to validate all of our bellyaching. According to the Partnership for New York City, New Yorkers spend an average of 48 minutes traveling to work. This tops any other commute in the country by 13 minutes. And if you add in the return trip home, that's almost two hours a day we spend in buses, trains, and automobiles. In two hours, just think of all you could accomplish! And we don't mean getting to that next level on Candy Crush. License to complain? You got it. (NY Mag)
nycommute-embedPhoto: Courtesy of New York Daily News.

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