Diddy's Back! And He's Got A New Music Channel To Prove It

As much as we love the guilty pleasure of watching reality shows on MTV and VH1, we find ourselves feeling nostalgic for hours of music videos, unplugged sessions with our favorite artists, and all the wildly useful knowledge we gleaned from Pop Up Video. Sensing this gap in the market, Diddy is starting Revolt TV, a channel strictly devoted to actual music.
Revolt will launch in December on Comcast and Time Warner with programming reminiscent of the music-centric stylings of the '90s. And so far, there's already some debate over whether or not Diddy's channel will be successful. Forbes' Bobby Owsinski, who notes that most 18 to 34 year olds find much of their music on YouTube, doesn't seem very optimistic: "My guess is that Revolt TV won't have a huge effect on the industry either way. It will be a nice outlet for some artists, and may even make a career or two (if the network catches in the first place), but it won't have the tremendous promotional impact that MTV had either when it began or was at its peak."
Owsinski makes a good point, but we feel the need to mention the larger issue at hand: Is Diddy bored? Between his large-scale prank about joining the Downton Abbey cast, his participation in the Lonely Island videos, and this ambitious music project, we're wondering if ol' Puff D. is just looking for something to do. Whatever the case, one thing seems sure — Diddy can't, and clearly won't, stop till he sees his name on a blimp. (Forbes)
Image: Via Forbes

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