In Defense Of Anne Hathaway's Man-Repelling Pants

Internet, slow your roll: Anne Hathaway is wearing pants. And while the much-maligned (often unfairly) starlet generally dresses like she could be any one of our pals, it appears that her particular outfit today — wide-legged pants and a baby T-shirt — was a "risk" that "didn't pay off" and she should try something more "flattering." Since the beginning of her career, Anne Hathaway has not been particularly interested in being anything other than a casual trousers and T-shirt girl (off the red carpet, of course), and yeah, these pants are baggy. Yet Hathaway has always been of the "man-repelling" persuasion, and a jaunty hat with a striped shirt fits pretty solidly in her oeuvre. To sling criticism at her for wearing pants that "dwarf her frame" is kind of missing a point — or the way that a particular sub-section of American women dress. Now, the wrinkles in her pants? Well, that is just a side-effect of being a mobile, modern lady. Sorry, but that's just the truth of fabric composition.

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