Summer Makeup — Go Mild Or Go Wild

You may think that, as beauty editors, we here at R29 would be totally on top of our game when it comes to trying out the newest beauty trends. Cobalt liner, neon shadow, even white nails — it's all temporary (and, duh, kind of our job), so why not take these of-the-moment shades for a spin? Well, dear readers, we have a confession for you: Sometimes, we're not as daring with the trend-trying as we'd like to be.
With that in mind, we figured that for every textured-nail-wearing, beauty-maven reader we have, we also have a reader who loves checking out new primpers, but would maybe like the lite version, so to speak. Thankfully, the world of pretty is not one-size-fits-all, and there are many ways to take beauty trends for a spin without going full-chartreuse-smoky-eye, if that's not your thing. (And, if it is? Go on with your bad self.)
Read on to check out ten products that will help you get whatever look you're going for, whether it's a hint of blazing blue on your lashes, or a full-on deep scarlet lip for a night out. We're listening, ladies, so tell us — which of these trends are you most excited about, and how will you rock the look?
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