Happy National Frozen Yogurt Month! Check Out Our Picks & Win Free Froyo

Holy bananas, it's National Frozen Yogurt Month. This is basically Christmas + your birthday + the opening night of every Harry Potter movie, in terms of thrilling events. The editors here at R29 love frozen yogurt beyond reason. When someone ponders an afternoon run to our local fro-yo shop, that person is instantly the most popular staff member, and all work stops until we've put in our orders. So, when the yogurt mecca 16 Handles asked if we'd like to celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Month with them, our answer was something along the lines of "How soon can we be there? Also, are you hiring?"
Check out our editors' picks of the ultimate frozen yogurt combos ever. They range from the light and healthy to the downright gluttonous. Then tell us your signature mix in the comments to enter to win a gift card for a fro-yo date to 16 Handles and to celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Month with your buddies. Or screw your friends, and just blow it all on a giant frozen yogurt all to yourself. That's our personal recommendation.

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