Cara D A "Dwarf?" Who Knew MJ Could Be So Mean?

There is no getting away from the fact that model-du-jour Cara Delevingne is riding the crest of a pretty massive popularity wave. But it wasn’t always the case for the supermodel as it has just been revealed that there was a time when Marc Jacobs wasn’t too keen on her look. And even called her a fairly derogatory name. “Dwarf,” if you must know.
All this came to light when Editor-in-Chief of Love magazine Katie Grand recounted a story about her attempt to get Delevingne to walk a Marc Jacobs runway show, “I was trying to get her in the show, but it was the show in which everyone was very tall and very long. I remember Marc looking at me and saying, “Why is that dwarf in here?” and me being devastated.” Harsh words indeed, as Delevingne is 5’9”, which is fairly tall by anyone’s standards. We’re sure that the main characters in this story have kissed and made up as Delevingne walked Jacobs's last pyjama-infused show for Louis Vuitton but still we sort of hope that this memory of a time past brought a blush to Jacobs’s cheeks. Name-calling is never cool in our books, no matter the situation. (Vogue)
Photo: Via Vogue

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