A Look At Kate Middleton's Best Pregnancy Looks — Before The Baby Comes!

We're all very excited for the birth of the royal baby. But we will miss Kate Middleton's pregnancy outfits — they have been a lesson in regal cuteness, and we have thoroughly enjoyed watching her style chops grow with the challenge of dressing a changing body. It's only a matter of time now; the pregnancy is in its final stages and soon we'll be cooing over baby outfits and $3,000 rattles. So, in the name of last hurrahs, let's see what our Duchess drummed up in the last year!
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Back in the very beginning, when Kate's bump was hardly visible, wore flowing skirts, and — in traditional celebrity style — tended to carry carefully-placed objects.

Photo: Nils Jorgensen/Rex/Rex USA.
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Of course, the real story here is the fascinator, but it's also the first instance of what will become her go-to pregnancy pose.

Photo: Rex/Rex USA.
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This was the first time she debuted a truly visible bump, and we're big fans of her bold choice to go with a forward-thinking shift shape and a bright pattern. Lots of women feel like they have to play down their growing belly, but we say embrace it!

Photo: Rex/Rex USA.
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This is probably our favorite pick. We would've loved the monotone pastels either way, but the shape of the coat really flatters her shape without overly flaunting.

Photo: Rex/Rex USA.
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Spotted most recently, this is probably one of the last times we'll see Kate out and about before she gives birth. The snow-leopard print is a bold choice, but in her favorite simple silhouette, it works.

Photo: Tim Rooke/Rex/Rex USA.

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