David Beckham's Retirement Means He Can Now Be A Full-Time Saucepot

When you're a normal guy, you retire from your profession when you've reached a nice, ripe age, having left behind a legacy of 50+ years of hard work. But, when you're David Beckham, you retire at the age of 38 to become a full-time sexy person who may or may not design clothes.
In the wake of his decision to leave behind his career as a professional soccer player, everyone is wondering what Becks will do next. A close source has said, "Over the next year, we will see his business grow and expand. The sky is the limit, really, in terms of what he can do globally. Just look at what Victoria has done." We're going to call that the understatement of the year, considering he has already taken the world by storm just by running around in his underwear. But, does this mean we will see him take on a more hands-on role in the fashion space?
Though a spokesperson for Beckham's management agency did not comment on the details of his retirement, we have been assured that Becks will continue to work with H&M, Sky, Sainsbury's, and Adidas. In fact, a spokesman for H&M expressed the brand's excitement for a future collaboration with the athlete, as he launches a new collection this autumn. (WWD)

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