Mindy Kaling On What Inspires Her To Work Out (Um, It's Hilarious)

For fans of cool celebrities with a bit of internet-savvy: Always keep your eye on the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) section, because awesome, surprising movers and shakers always pop up to answer some of the web's weirdest questions. Yesterday, our IBFF (Imaginary BFF) Mindy Kaling hit the front page — along with her co- and guest-stars of Fox's The Mindy Project, Ike Barinholtz and Anders Holm — and dropped some Kaling-esque gems.
Kaling has mentioned in the past that she uses her imagination to inspire her to work out, so when asked to give some "gymspiration," she provided a pretty well-thought-out fantasy. "My go-to is someone murdered my gorgeous, perfect, sweetheart husband, who looks like Michael Fassbender, and I then have to get in shape to murder him/her with my bear hands. Sometimes the murderer is hot too, and I have to sleep with them before I kill them. Like Tom Hardy or something. Use it!" The best part of this, of course, is mentioned by Redditor Chr1stine, who immediately writes, "Not sure if you meant bare hands or, literally, bear-hands, but I'm digging it." We kind of like the idea of bear-hands, too.
Check out the rest of Kaling's AMA, including threatening to weird out Workaholics' Holm by "lick(ing) Anders [sic] arm the tiniest bit like a garden snake."
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Photo: Courtesy of Fox

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