The Best Grooming — And Lack Thereof — From Last Night's Oscars

Our male brethren tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to Oscars coverage. If you're not getting an award, you probably won't make a headline. Gotta save space for the flowing gowns, sparkling diamonds, and impressive cleavage, right? Not us. We're dedicated to offering credit where credit is due, not to mention providing inspiration for our male readers (and eye candy for anyone who's interested).
Though the tuxes may be pretty cookie cutter, Hollywood's leading men really get to express themselves with their hair (be it on the head or on the face). How else to explain the random mini-trend last night of sound and visual effects guys with long, flowing man manes? So, we took a long, hard look through the photos from last night to determine the most handsome looks, guaranteed to make you swoon — and a few others much more likely to make you groan.
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Best: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
If there's one man on this earth who can never go wrong with slicked-back hair, it's this guy. Pure perfection. Plus, he's wearing bicycle socks underneath that polished tux. What's not to love?

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI Images
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Best: Suraj Sharma
This kid is unbelievably handsome...though you might not have noticed it when he was emaciated and unshowered in Life of Pi. A lot of guys try to find a middle ground between super-slicked, volume-free hair and a tamer version of their natural, longer waves, and this is an example of how that attempt can be very successful. Plus, we like his eyebrows. And his smile. And everything else about him.

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI Images
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Best: Ben Affleck
The concept of the "formal beard" is a hard one, but Ben Affleck seems to have nailed it. While many stars can't shake the 5 o'clock stubble, Affleck's facial hair stands out because it's clearly a work of dedication and careful grooming — not just something he forgot to deal with before he got dressed.

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI Images.
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Best: George Clooney
Someone at the viewing party we were at noted he looks like he's doing Hemingway cosplay. To which we respond, how is that a bad thing? Nobody works the salt-and-pepper like George. In fact, that color is so wonderfullly nuanced, we're shocked he's not being paid millions as a spokesperson for some graceful gray box dye.

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI Images.
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Best: Jamie Foxx
There's nothing particularly unusual going on here, though we do approve of his reserved, sensible employment of stubble. He's always been a handsome guy, and the gray coming in just makes him even better. We've enjoyed his longer hair in the past, but this close shave is great!

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI Images.
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Best: Gael García Bernal
It's nothing to go crazy for, but this looks like hair a regular Joe could sport, sans stylist. Nicely maintained, he clearly took a shower and used a comb (more than we can say for some) — nothing to write home about but still quite pleasing to the eye.

Photo: Stewart Cook/Rex/RexUSA.
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Worst: Paul Rudd
He's a handsome guy and a talented actor, but this just isn't cutting it. Much too long, and the wings remind us of the preferred style of middle school hockey players. He could've done without the beard, too, but the unkempt, overly long hair makes him look like he hasn't seen a mirror in a while.

Photo: David Fisher/Rex/RexUSA.
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Worst: Eddie Redmayne
Now, before you block R29 from your browser forever and ever, hear us out. It's not that Eddie Redmayne doesn't look beautiful, gorgeous, and amazing as always. But we'd love to see him depart from his carefully concocted bedhead for once. How is it that he keeps the exact same hairstyle when he's fighting the French Revolution and attending a red-carpet event? Switch it up!

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI Images.
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Worst: Jeremy Renner
A most venerable pompadour, indeed. Why do so many men feel that the slicked-back look is the only option? It's not right for everyone; in some cases, it's downright disastrous.

Photo: Picture Perfect/RexUSA.
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Worst: Bradley Cooper
We wish Cooper would've taken a leaf out of Suraj Sharma's book. They have similar hair types, and there's no reason to try and gel the life out of those rugged waves. We don't love the beard, either. He normally looks good with facial hair, but he may have cut it a bit too close this time — it's unevenly groomed, and we would've preferred him bare-faced.

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI Images.
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Worst: Robert DeNiro
We get it. You're one of the world's greatest actors, you don't care about this ceremony at all, and you'd probably rather be home eating nachos or whatever it is you do in your spare time. That's fine. But could you really not be bothered to run a comb through your hair? It's okay; we're not mad. Just confused.

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI Images.

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