The Best Grooming — And Lack Thereof — From Last Night's Oscars

Our male brethren tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to Oscars coverage. If you're not getting an award, you probably won't make a headline. Gotta save space for the flowing gowns, sparkling diamonds, and impressive cleavage, right? Not us. We're dedicated to offering credit where credit is due, not to mention providing inspiration for our male readers (and eye candy for anyone who's interested).
Though the tuxes may be pretty cookie cutter, Hollywood's leading men really get to express themselves with their hair (be it on the head or on the face). How else to explain the random mini-trend last night of sound and visual effects guys with long, flowing man manes? So, we took a long, hard look through the photos from last night to determine the most handsome looks, guaranteed to make you swoon — and a few others much more likely to make you groan.

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