Can You Guess The Priciest Spot To Say "I Don't"?

Admit it — those splashy tabloid covers were totally temping you on that a.m. coffee run. That's not to say that we're above it — we're 100% guilty of going on glossy binges when an A-list couple like TomKat calls it quits. So, when Business Insider did a roundup of the priciest places to say "I don't," we had a hunch that Hollywood, the city where prenups may outnumber Prii (yes, that is the plural of "Prius"), would secure that numero uno spot.
Lo and behold, Angelenos are subject to shelling out the most moola for happily ever after never. While cities like Dallas and Philly are on the lower end of the spectrum ($291 and $297 per hour, respectively), L.A. folks spend $350 on average. A family law attorney even told the site that a small trial can range anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000 in California — and those are the budget-friendly prices! It's also not uncommon for the bill to reach six figures. Naturally, the numbers for celeb cases are under wraps, but we have a feeling our high-profile splits have something to do with the ranking. (Business Insider)
Photo: Via Business Insider

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