Hey Upper East Siders: Check Out This Gossip Girl Gag Reel

So, Gossip Girl has been over for a couple months now, and you're not alone if its absence has left an Upper East Side-sized hole in your heart. Life just isn't the same without our old friends Blair, Chuck, Nate, and shucks, even Georgina. Plus, how are we supposed to perfect our sexy pout without Serena and her pursed lips? Luckily, you can now get your GG fix thanks to these just-released blooper clips.
The behind-the-scenes vid takes you all the way back to the early episodes (RIP, Bart Bass!), and shows off the cast's goofy side. Even poor empty-headed Nate gets in on the jokes. Watch below to see Penn Badgley struggle through line after line, and Ed Westwick drip spit on Leighton Meester (sexy!). XOXO. (Perez Hilton)
Photo: Courtesy of CW

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