Stars Of The Golden Globes Red Carpet As Children...It's Not What You Think

Ever wanted to know what Lucy Liu, George Clooney, or Anne Hathaway looked like as children? Well, you came to the wrong place. Sorry. This is actually just a gallery of children done up and posing exactly like all your favorite stars on the Golden Globes red carpet, plus a little Photoshop magic. And yes, it's very weird. And also hilarious. But slightly off-putting.
Photographer Tricia Messeroux had the, erm, interesting idea of dressing up a bunch of tots for her aptly named series Toddlewood. After extensive deliberation, we've decided our favorite is Halle Berry, mostly because a child doing that pose only serves to underline how ridiculous it truly is. That said, we're a little torn between the cuteness, weirdness, and the undeniable kiddy-pageant air of the whole thing. What do you think? (Buzzfeed)

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