Did Brad & Angie Secretly Get Married Over Christmas?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt spent the holidays with their many children at pal Donna Karan's Turks & Caicos estate, lounging in the sun, being merry...and possibly getting married. Rumors of a secret beach wedding are circling after Hollywood's most beautiful couple spent their vacation at the picturesque island sanctuary along with Pitt's closest family members. (In unrelated but similarly crazy news, a local journalist claims the pair also traveled with 12 nannies in tow. Yes, 12.)
Sneaky! They knew you'd be busy with your family over the holidays, which is why they picked just this moment to get married behind your back. Though we're not sure if we're ready to believe the rumors, they are backed up by the fact that an aide was spotted picking up wedding rings last month. Stay tuned, because the details are bound to come out, and we'll be watching and updating as they do. (Grazia Daily)
Image via Grazia Daily.

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