Don't Work Out? You Might Be Missing Out On A 9% Raise

Don't even think about the number of times you brought your gym bag to work only to opt for happy hour cocktails instead of the treadmill, once quittin' time rolled around. No point in dwelling on the past right? But know this: That extra time you're not logging on the treadmill might be costing you.
A recent study claims the connection between exercise and a higher salary is stronger than you'd think. When you think about it, the correlation isn't surprising; it makes sense that people who work out also are the same people who earn higher salaries. Someone who's self-disciplined enough to hit the gym seem like the type of person who'd be self-disciplined enough to work their way up the corporate ladder.
However, a new study seems to prove that working out leads to a higher salary. Cleveland State University performed a propensity-score match between subjects who worked out and those who didn't (matching them based on age, education, a sports background, personality, etc) and showed that three hours of exercise a week led to higher salaries — a 9% increase, in fact. So, what are your plans after work, again? See you on the treadmill? (SmartMoney)
Photo: Via LifeStyleMirror

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