This Is Almost Real: Zoolander Releases A '13 "End Of Syphilisation" Calendar

It is happening. The return of our favorite patron of Blue Steel is returning. Yes, folks, Derek Zoolander is back. To support Comedy Central's Night Of Too Many Stars (which is airing October 21), Ben Stiller Derek Zoolander appeared to promote his new "calendar."
You know, there is no better way to describe it than to use Derek's own words: "As many of you know, 2012 was the last year on the Maya Rudolph's calendar. That means, the acropolis is coming. Thanks to models' superior generics, they will survive, while normal people will die horribly. But there is also bad news! With all the calendar-makers dead, it'll be nearly impossible to keep track of important dates, like Christmas, and Naomi Campbell's birthday! Which is why I am offering the "2013 Derek Zoolander 'End Of Syphilisation’ Calendar." 'Nuff said. (The Cut)
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