Why These 14 Foods Were Totally Ruined For Us

College was all about repetition: We went to class, came back to our dorms, hung out with our friends, and then did it all again the next day. And food wasn't an exception. We ate whatever was quick, easy, and most importantly cheap. We went back to the same cereal brand, pizza order, ramen noodles, and instant mac and cheese right up until we graduated. But, once we entered the real world (and got real jobs), something shifted. Suddenly, we didn't look longingly at the frozen food we once regularly consumed; instead, it made us feel a little gross. Because when you eat the same thing for four years straight, eventually you're going to never want to see it again.

We asked R29 staffers about foods from their college days that they just can't bring themselves to eat anymore. See their picks ahead and tell us in the comments if you've got a food that was completely ruined for you after one too many late-night snack attacks.
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Gas Station Nachos
"My college was in the middle of nowhere so there weren't many places open late at night — but when you're hungry and have been drinking all day, desperate times call for desperate measures and the 24-hour gas station had a nacho bar. I wish I could say I only ate my stale chips, nacho cheese, sauerkraut (?!), and onion combo once, but that would be a lie. Never again though, EW!"
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Loaded Potato Olés
"My college food court (in my freshman year dorm complex) had everything from stir-fry to sandwich stations to pizza by the slice. I naturally gravitated towards Taco John’s for some reason (which I’ve never seen anywhere else), maybe because of their catchy tagline, 'The Fresh Taste of West-Mex.' FYI, my school was located in Indiana. My first day at the food court with my freshman year roommate I opted for loaded potato olés — pretty much glorified tater tots, which you can get smothered in salsa, queso, and sour cream. It would turn into mush in its little take-out bowl. From then on, I overdid it and got them ALL the time. Loved them then, but let’s just say that’s one food-court food that can (and should) stay there forever."
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Frozen Ravioli Bowls
"My parents always sent me Whole Foods gift cards for my food budget when I was in school and I would just stock up on these. I can't even smell one heating up in the office without running for cover."
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Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts
"My dad used to send me these in every care package, and I would eat one or two packages a day....until I reached the end of my first semester and realized I was eating double the serving size."
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Easy Mac
"I ate them like crazy in college because they were cheap and easy, but now just the thought of them makes me nauseous.

"Easy Mac sounds awful and tastes even worse, but during my freshman year I was barely working and sometimes it was all I could afford to eat when I didn't want to go to the school cafeteria (which was ranked the worst by Princeton Review at the time). I appreciate my scrappy past but I hope to god I never have to depend on Easy Mac for sustenance ever, ever, ever again."
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Taco Bell
"My college experience consisted of way, way too much fast food. While it wasn't the place I'd hit up most often, greasy Taco Bell is what I think of when I remember stressful late nights cramming in the computer lab. Three or four mushy tacos or a quesadilla made with... is that even real cheese? Just looking at a Taco Bell makes me a little nauseous now."
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Cup Of Noodles
"Ramen noodles were my sole nutrition for the first semester in college off the meal plan. They were warm, soothing, and super cheap. They also smell like death and I'm pretty sure are not the most nutritious choice in the aisle. I ate so much of it that the mere smell makes me a little uneasy now! So glad to be off that boat!"
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Pizza Rolls
"My junior year of college, I spent every last penny driving down to Panama City Beach for the true spring break experience. One problem? I didn't realize that I would need money once I got there. Yeah. I had $10 to my name and bought a jumbo pack of Totino's pizza rolls from Walmart and a bottle of water and that is all I ate for seven days. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. I cannot even look at them without feeling sick."
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Subway Steak & Cheese Sandwiches
"Back in college, I ate Subway steak-and-cheese sandwiches on the daily, sometimes twice-daily — on Italian bread, with EXTRA honey mustard. How on earth do globs of honey mustard go with steak and cheese? Your guess is as good as mine. Normally, I would scarf these down in the computer lab while speed-studying for exams or my room while speed-reading for class, and wash them down with a Diet Coke. Never again am I eating so much sodium (or drinking so much soda) and processed...stuff in one sitting. Once in a while is fine, but if I ate this way now my digestive system would NOT be happy with me!"
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Nacho Cheese & Popcorn
"When I was desperate and had munchies I would drizzle nacho cheese on popcorn...vom."
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Deli Sandwiches With Miscellaneous Toppings
"When I was in college, there was a deli around the corner that sold a sandwich loaded with chicken tenders, french fries, mozzarella sticks, and American cheese. They were delicious in the moment, but you always knew what kind of night you had if you woke up next to the wrapper. I'll never subject myself to that again."
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Cottage Inn Pizza
"When something is your drunk food for four years straight, you can't go back (the pizza guy and I follow each other on twitter though)."
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"I used to eat them frozen. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME."
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Bugles With Easy Cheese
"I had one particularly dark night that involved a can of Easy Cheese and a bag of Bugles. I think it was right before winter break, the Munchie Mart shelves were almost bare, and I had limited options — so (un)naturally I filled the Bugles with Easy Cheese and consumed the entire can. The first and last time I will ever eat canned cheese for several reasons. I miss college!"

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