Why These 14 Foods Were Totally Ruined For Us

College was all about repetition: We went to class, came back to our dorms, hung out with our friends, and then did it all again the next day. And food wasn't an exception. We ate whatever was quick, easy, and most importantly cheap. We went back to the same cereal brand, pizza order, ramen noodles, and instant mac and cheese right up until we graduated. But, once we entered the real world (and got real jobs), something shifted. Suddenly, we didn't look longingly at the frozen food we once regularly consumed; instead, it made us feel a little gross. Because when you eat the same thing for four years straight, eventually you're going to never want to see it again.

We asked R29 staffers about foods from their college days that they just can't bring themselves to eat anymore. See their picks ahead and tell us in the comments if you've got a food that was completely ruined for you after one too many late-night snack attacks.

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