15 Gifts For The Witch In Your Life

I'd just like to speak for fans of the occult and esoteric for a moment when I say that the Stevie Nicks shawl we got last year was nice, but we'd sure love some witchy accessories that are actually useful. Fringed items (especially this season) are a dime a dozen — where's that graveyard dirt we asked for?

The thing is, each witch has her own way of crafting, so to speak. Some like to divine the old school way, with a satisfyingly mystical crystal ball, while others prefer the tactile nature of runes or tarot cards. And then, of course, witches have personal needs, too, which can only be addressed with protection charms, Goddess talismans, and, yes, even love potions. It's a comfort to know that the realm of giftable occult items is wide and varied, but it can be intimidating to plumb the depths without knowing how to begin.

Well, consider this guide your divining rod for the holiday season. Any gift ahead is guaranteed to make this Yule especially enchanting for the witches in your life — they're sure to cast a spell of gratitude over you.

No matter who you're shopping for or what your budget is, Refinery29 has all the holiday picks you need right here.
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For The Altar Newbie
This tile has a place in virtually any altar, as the Pentacle is a unifying presence, symbolizing the divine union of earth, air, fire, and water.
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For The Unlucky Witch
Break any curse, hex, or jinx that may be plaguing you using this kit’s potently powerful candles and gemstone.
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For The Witch Who Likes To Be Prepared
Inspired by the Delphic Oracle, this blend of herbs and incense is an asset to anyone exploring their powers in divination and prophesy. Keep in mind: a little bit goes a long way.
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For The Witch Who Needs A Boost From The Goddess
No one’s more fitting as a take-no-prisoners, you-do-you role model than Lilith. It’s a serious ritual (only for the most confident, powerful conjurers) to invoke her, but keeping her icon nearby can be a major source of empowerment.
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For The Witch Who Still Likes Playing Games
This is not your little brother’s Ouija board. In addition to regular numerals and the alphabet, the Psychic Circle board employs symbols, colors, and phrases, too.
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For The Witch In Need Of Some Self-care
Amethyst’s strengths are in cleansing, protection, and most importantly, meditation. Cast a tranquil air over any room (and oneself) with these crystals.
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For The Witch With A Crush On Aleister Crowley
A perfect upgrade for the tarot card reader who’s worn out her go-to Rider-Waite deck.
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For The Witch With A Flair For The Culinary
This beautiful, cast-iron pot will fit on any modern-day stove and can work just as well outside, too. It’s up to you whether you use it for potions or tomorrow night’s dinner (it’s food safe).
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For The Witch Who Needs A Low-maintenance Familiar
Known for their powers of observation and stealth in Wiccan tradition, foxes are loyal protectors to those they love. Make any room feel safer with the skull of one of these watchful little guys looking out for you.
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For The Absent-minded Witch
Endorsed by occult author Raymond Buckland, these divining rods can find anything from missing items to unseen water sources.
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For The Witch With A Date Tonight
Brewed with amber and vanilla, this perfume is subtle enough to intrigue, but powerful enough to seduce.
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For The Witch Who’s Also A History Buff
These runes are made of real water-buffalo bone and modeled after Elder Futhark’s ancient inscriptions.
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For The Witch Who Loves The Classics
Pro tip: crystal ball gazing is most effective on the night of a full moon.
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For The Witch Who’s Going To Make 2016 Her Year
This incredibly thorough guide to daily spells, rituals, meditations, and more will let your most organized occult friend make the most of each day.
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For The Witch Who Has Everything Else
Graveyard dirt is a highly versatile ingredient in many spells. She could easily get this herself, but it’s the thought that counts.
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