7 Simple Tricks For Minimizing Post-Vacation Scaries

Picture your pre-vacation self: exhilarated and glowing bright with anticipation. Now, picture your post-vacation self: exhausted and dulled down from jet-lag and work dread. Pre-vacation bliss is real, but post-vacation scaries are even more intense. We can handle the preparatory work for our eagerly awaited getaways, but no amount of planning, packing, and smooth vacation sailing is enough to brace us for dealing with the eventual paradise lost. Especially when we ultimately hop straight off our budget redeye flights and into an office-bound cab or train.
To combat the post-vacation scaries, we're going to need a checklist that will help us reenter reality. Ahead we're detailing seven tips to prepare your home before jet-setting off on yet another travel adventure. It's as simple as not needing to do a load of laundry or deal with dishes after that four hour flight delay complete with crying baby. Or as soulful as writing yourself a pre-vacation positive affirmation. So spare yourselves the negative vibes by situating your space ahead of time!
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Stabilize Your Fridge & Pantry
While it's important to do a fridge check for tossing out perishables prior to long stays away, it's equally important to stock a few long-lasting groceries for eating upon return — so you don't have to muster up the energy for a last-minute, late night, or early morning supermarket run.
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Wash Your Sheets & Make Your Bed
Don't just wash the sheets OR make the bed before heading out on your next getaway — do both! Sleeping away for a few nights makes coming home to our own crisp, clean, and turned down beds all the more alluring for catching a peaceful night of Zs.
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Empty The Sink
We may remember to wash the dirty dishes in the sink before hitting the road, but what about the clean stuff that's just sitting there? Put it ALL away and save yourself the sight of it.
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Pre-Make A Self-Care Kit
Gather essential toiletries for a speedy self-care station in your bathroom (e.g. favorite face masks, breath fresheners, dry shampoos, etc.) — this way, when you get back feeling tried AF from all that travel, you'll have a quick fix for freshening up before getting back to reality.
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Do Your Laundry
An already overflowing hamper isn't going to magically disappear while you're away on that tropical vacation — and piling even more dirty, post-beach ware on top isn't going to help. Instead, make time to wash, fold, and put away all that already-used laundry before you head out the door.
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Write Yourself A Note
Help keep the back-to-reality feels at bay by writing a note to yourself pre-trip filled with any and all excitement jitters and wanderlust affirmations. Leave it on your bedside table and read it back post trip to relive the magic.
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Center Your Space
Before jet-setting away, take a step back and do an overall sweep of your space to make sure all the odds and ends are put away (e.g. books are on the shelf, throw blankets folded in their baskets, and trinkets stashed in their trunks). Coming back to a centered home makes space for a centered mind.
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