7 Simple Tricks For Minimizing Post-Vacation Scaries

Picture your pre-vacation self: exhilarated and glowing bright with anticipation. Now, picture your post-vacation self: exhausted and dulled down from jet-lag and work dread. Pre-vacation bliss is real, but post-vacation scaries are even more intense. We can handle the preparatory work for our eagerly awaited getaways, but no amount of planning, packing, and smooth vacation sailing is enough to brace us for dealing with the eventual paradise lost. Especially when we ultimately hop straight off our budget redeye flights and into an office-bound cab or train.
To combat the post-vacation scaries, we're going to need a checklist that will help us reenter reality. Ahead we're detailing seven tips to prepare your home before jet-setting off on yet another travel adventure. It's as simple as not needing to do a load of laundry or deal with dishes after that four hour flight delay complete with crying baby. Or as soulful as writing yourself a pre-vacation positive affirmation. So spare yourselves the negative vibes by situating your space ahead of time!

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