15 "Back-To-School" Essentials For Adults

Getting into August always makes me nostalgic about back-to-school time as a kid. It meant replacing all my old notebooks and binders, wandering the aisles of Target or Staples for fancy new pens and a fresh backpack, and hitting up Limited Too and Payless for that perfect first day of school outfit.

As adults, we don't have as obvious a fresh start every fall. But an impending change of seasons is still as good an excuse as any to refresh with some practical buys, whether you're heading to class or not. If you're overdue for some new, not-so-worn-out basics, or you want to cut back on screen time by keeping notes in an actual notebook, click on for 15 "back-to-school" essentials even grown-ups can use.
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The Grown-Up Backpack
Since you don't actually have to lug books around anymore, you can get a little more stylish, and less utilitarian, with your everyday bag. Sure, size still matters, but a versatile option, like this leather bag that can be worn two ways, is a grown-up way to carry all your stuff.

Camelia Roma Leather Backpack, $122, available at Camelia Roma.
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The Cheery Checklists
If you make as many check- and to-do lists as we do, opt for some pretty paper that makes the long number of tasks feel not so long.

Poketo Gradient Checklist, $6, available at Poketo.
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The Uniform Update
A white button-up is one of those things your closet needs (and one of those pieces you can actually wear all year). If you're tired of the fitted versions you likely already have, freshen things up with one that's intentionally oversized.

Madewell Drapey Oversized Boyshirt, $72, available at Madewell.
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The Compliment-Getting Watch
Remember when people would stop you in the hallway at school and compliment something you were wearing (not Regina George-style)? We're thinking this eye-grabbing watch will have the same effect at work.

Larsson & Jennings Lugano, $360, available at Larsson & Jennings.
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The Forever-Young Gel Pens
Because you're never too old for these...

Poppin Assorted Gel Pens, $10, available at Poppin.
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The "Nerdy" Glasses
Whether you need them or not, a pair of stylishly dorky frames is a fun accessory to take a chance on.

Eye Buy Direct Light Golden Metal Glasses, $25, available at Eye Buy Direct.
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The Catch-All Pouch
It's time to get organized once and for all. Consider this pouch the best way to carry all your necessities (and keep you organized when switching bags throughout the work week).

Clare V. Flat Clutch, $215, available at Clare V.
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The Fall Sneaker
Your everyday pair of fall shoes should have a different vibe than the ones you've been wearing all summer. Swap your all-white kicks (let's be honest, they're probably beat-up anyway) for an olive-green option in a thicker textile.

Vans Perf Suede Old Skool, $65, available at Vans.
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The Much-Needed Undies
Just as you'd buy a new pack of underwear for the start of the school year, update your panties drawer with a few fresh pairs (and throw out all the icky old ones while you're at it, too).

Pansy High Rise in Pale Blue, $42, available at Need Supply.
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The IRL Planner
Google Calendar is great and all, but we're already setting our sights on 2017 (it's closer than you think!) with this well-designed planner that's sure to help keep everything in line.

Ban.do Classic Agenda, $20, available at Ban.do.
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The New-Favorite Denim
Treat yourself to that pair of high-quality jeans you've been eyeing just in time for fall layering (with many chilly months on the horizon, you're sure to get your money's worth in wear).

Closed Pedal Pusher Authentic Blue Stretch Denim, $209, available at Closed.
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The Glitter Phone Case
The easiest way to incorporate glitter into your life without having it get FREAKING EVERYWHERE.

Casemate Naked Tough Case, $35, available at Casemate.
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The Best Buds
Take a look down at the white ear buds you've been wearing for the last two years...kinda gross, huh? It's officially time to swap them out for a more high-tech pair that'll look and feel good on.

Master & Dynamic ME01 Earphones, $129, available at Master & Dynamic.
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The Fall Boot
"I found you, Miss New Bootie..."

Zara Leather High Heel Ankle Boots, $89.90, available at Zara.
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The Fresh Shades
Your favorite sunglasses likely took a beating this summer; in their place, grab a pair that'll take you through the rest of the season and last you well into fall, too.

Warby Parker Dorothy Sunglasses, $95, available at Warby Parker.

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