The Fashion Guide To The Weather Report

Even though we've all experienced most temperatures, we have selective memory about what they're actually like, especially when they're more balmy than brutal. Ask us in the winter if 65 degrees is appropriate shorts weather and we'll stare blankly. Ask us in the summer if five below requires taking a cab to work, and we won't be able to give you a confident answer. And, if we're traveling to a location where the temperature is a good 20 degrees off from what we're used to, that's reason enough to purposefully overpack — because, is 72 and sunny beach weather, or not?
That's why we've been taking careful notes this entire summer, and keeping track of what we wore (and sometimes, what we wish we wore) as the mercury made its trek up and down. In this newfangled weather report, we've focused on the three versatile items you need for five different summer weather patterns ranging from a sunny (but muggy) day in NYC to San Francisco's chilly microclimates. Sorry, Al Roker, but this is the forecast people really need.
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62°F & Sunny
The low 60s are tricky, in that you need a little something in terms of layers, but not too much. A colorful, lightweight jacket brings a little quirk to the mix (we love this one from Guess, but there are plenty of affordable versions on the market, as well). Wear it with bold accessories and comfortables sneakers, and you'll be cool (but cozy) all day.
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83 Degrees & Muggy
In hot, muggy weather, a bra-top hybrid is your best friend. Pair it with a denim miniskirt that's the new-and-improved version of the one you wore in middle school (surprisingly more comfortable than denim shorts), and some platform sandals for a look that's sweat-proof...but still put-together.
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88 Degrees & Arid
When it's hot but not humid, you won't be sweating as much as you might in damper climes, so that thicker-weight dress you've been dying to wear can definitely work. Since it's likely still sunny, let a dad hat shield your eyes from the rays (and, if you're into accessorizing, try a barely-there choker for a little something special).
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70 Degrees & Rainy
Summer showers are one of the hardest things to dress for, but it's not totally impossible to be on-trend and waterproof — it's all about sporting practical and colorful accessories. A printed umbrella will give a bummer day a dose of sunshine, while some high-top leather sneakers will keep your feet dry. Finally, a crossbody bag is a must for keeping your hands free while battling horizontal raindrops.
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75 Degrees & OvercastWhen it's warm (but not quite sweltering), you can actually get away with a little summertime layering using this sleeveless vest. Anchor your outfit with a breezy midi-skirt and break out some comfortable heels for an office-appropriate ensemble that works every time.
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55- To 75-Degree Microclimates
In places like San Francisco, where the temperatures can change drastically from block to block, it's important to be ready for whatever you might get. Lightweight jeans will still let the air circulate if things get hot (but they're long enough to ward off the chill), and a button-up shirt can be worn or tied a variety of ways. As for the footwear, a quirky slip-on sneaker will never let you down. It is still summer, so keep your materials season-appropriate; save those tweeds, leathers, and plaids for later in the year.

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