6 Things You Never Knew You Could Turn Your Phone Into

When you're already taking your phone everywhere, it's convenient (and necessary!) to be able to use it for more than just texting, Snapchatting, and checking email. Plenty of apps have made this possible, letting you use your phone as a fitness tracker or a meditation guide, for example. And developments such as Apple Pay transform your phone into a virtual wallet, so you can leave your credit cards and cash at home.

But, with the help of some incredibly useful smartphone accessories, you can extend your phone's capabilities beyond what you might have ever thought possible. A portable fan, printer, or movie projector? Yep, they're all doable for very reasonable prices.

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Photo: Courtesy Amazon.com.
A Fan
For those too-hot-to-handle summer days, this plug-in fan is a must. With models for different types of Android phones and iPhones, the little USB fan will keep you cool whether you're streaming a show, or just holding your phone in hand.

An added bonus: While this isn't its intended use, it will also give your selfies a perfect windswept look. Magazine-quality photos are only a few motor-powered turns away.

Pandawell Mobile Phone Fan, $4.99, available on Amazon.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Google.
An Art Gallery (and Theater)
You'll need a Nexus 6P or 5X to get in on this perk, but Google's Live cases for its Nexus phones are some of the coolest ones out there. You see, it's not just a case: It's accompanied by moveable, interactive wallpaper on your phone’s homescreen. So, for example, if there's a map on the back of the case, your phone's homescreen will have a wallpaper depicting different locales of that map. In the pictured example, a limited-edition Live case from Jeff Koons, the focus is on art and dance.

Koons uses moments from Swan Lake to complement the design of this particular case. Ballerinas come to life, moving across your screen with a single tap. You'll also receive exclusive digital artwork from Koons every now and then (it will upload instantly), turning your phone into a one-of-a-kind gallery. Bravo!

Google Jeff Koons Live Case — Diana, $40, available on store.google.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Luckies.co.uk.
A Movie Projector
If you don't have the money (or the space) for a big TV, a projector can be a good alternative. Just plug in your computer, and you can stream movies or shows against your apartment wall or outdoors. Now, you can do the same with your phone — for less.

Turn your phone into a full-on cinema experience with this cardboard box (with a glass lens) and accompanying speaker. Your phone fits into a slot in the back, letting you easily project whatever that night's crowd is in the mood for. Grab popcorn and curl up indoors or under the stars.

Smartphone Projector And Speaker V2.0 Gift Set, $52.13, available on Luckies.co.uk.
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Photo: Courtesy photojojo.com.
Professional-Style Lighting
Smartphone cameras are already advanced nowadays, but small accessories, such as clip-on lenses, take them up that extra notch. This small spotlight falls into that category, too.

The LED-filled accessory plugs into your headphone jack and pivots in different directions to help you get perfect lighting for your photos, no matter where you are. And conveniently, it has its own battery, so it won't destroy your phone's charge.

Photojojo Pocket Spotlight, $30, available on photojojo.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Prynt.
An Instant Camera
Polaroid instant cameras have made a comeback this year, but as trendy as they are, it's annoying to have to pack one more thing in your beach bag. That's why the Prynt Case is ideal. Slip your phone into the case and take a picture with the Shutter button, just as you would with an instant camera. Then, review your photos in Prynt's app, which is full of filters and other editing options. When you're ready, press print and your picture will pop right out. You can print 10 photos before you need to insert more paper.

In addition to lightening your load, there's another feature that elevates Prynt above your traditional instant camera: video. Every time you snap a picture, the app records a video linked to the photo that you or your friends can watch in the app later (kind of like Live Photos). Who said printing photos was old school?

Prynt Case, $149.99, available on prynt.co.
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Photo: Courtesy Amazon.com.
A Night-Light
This clip-on "table" lamp uses your phone's flashlight to power a night-light. While your flashlight setting is usually harsh light that you don't want around at night (especially if you're only waking up to run to the bathroom), this lamp softens its glare to provide an ambient glow.

Peleg Design Luma Smartphone Light, $9.57, available on Amazon.com.

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