19 Heartfelt Stories About Dating A Transgender Person

Sadly, transgender people face discrimination and judgment from others in countless situations. And this prejudice doesn't stop with the relationships they choose to have. People outside of the relationship may make assumptions about the couple based on damaging stereotypes about transgender people. But here's the thing: Their relationships are no different than cis couples'because every relationship is unique, no matter how the people in it identify.

What unites all couples? They choose to be with their partners because of who they are and because they care for them. That may sound obvious, but those who date transgender people may have had to remind others of that simple fact.

Below, 19 people share their experiences dating a transgender person from secret-sharing app Whisper.
My boyfriend is trans and it breaks my heart every time I remember that
My GF is mtf trans. She doubts her beauty and is always worried I
My boyfriend is trans and we
I hate when people say I
My boyfriend is trans and I could care less what body he has. It
My boyfriend is transgender and I hate when people ask "is sex awkward
because he doesn
My Gf is mtf, I did her makeup for the first time this week and she was so
happy. I love making her feel as beautiful as she already is.
My trans boyfriend is more of a man than any other man I
My girlfriend is trans. Girl stuck in a boy
My girlfriend is trans MtF. I love her, but I know when she transitions
things will get tough. people are so mean. ��
I didn
Just because my boyfriend is trans, doesn
I don
My boyfriend is trans ftm but keeps his body the same. I don
My family refuses to address my transgender girlfriend as a female. It
makes me so mad and they don
My girlfriend just told me that she is transgender and was born a boy.. I

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