Can You Make It Through This List Without Crying?

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Are you a crier? One of those people, like me, who sobs at the smallest hint of emotional upheaval during a film?

Surely, everyone has experienced this at some point. That moment when you're so engulfed in a film, and it suddenly turns dark or sad— maybe your favorite character's long lost love dies—and you feel that tightness in the back of your throat. You fumble in the dark for a napkin, but they're all covered in popcorn butter. And then it's too late: you're crying.

While I don't cry in real life all that often (talk about #blessed), crying in movies is a regular occurrence for me. And not just during tearjerkers. I'm talking about crying during happy movies. Friendship movies. Kids movies. Romantic comedies.

No genre is safe from my soft movie theater sobs.

Click ahead for a roundup of movies that have left me —and probably you, too — crying in a theater or on the couch during movie night. Grab a Kleenex, and brace yourself.

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The Movie: E.T.: the Extra-Terrestrial
The Scene: When E.T. says goodbye

It doesn't matter whether or not you enjoy the movie E.T. But you're a monster if you don't break when Elliot Taylor begs in a tiny whisper for E.T. to stay with him. Especially, when E.T. says "I'll be right here" and points at Elliot. Just watching this three minute YouTube video has me in tears.
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The Movie: The Pursuit of Happyness
The Scene: When they sleep in the subway bathroom

Critics like to come for Will Smith's acting abilities all the time, but give him some credit for this one. The Pursuit of Happyness is an emotional rollercoaster of a movie. The most heartbreaking scene by far? When Chris Gardner (Will Smith) plays a game of pretend that ends with him sleeping in a subway bathroom with his son (played by real-life son, Jayden). As he sits there and quietly sobs, you start to do the same.
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The Movie: The Lion King
The Scene: When Mufasa dies

For many a '90s kid, this scene is the first time they encountered death. What makes it all the more poignant—and tearful— is when baby Simba tries to shake his dad awake, not fully understanding that he's gone forever. When he curls up in a ball with his dad, the tears start pouring out.
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The Movie: Good Will Hunting

Confession: I spend the vast majority of Good Will Hunting in a state of teary-eyed whimpering. Young Matt Damon and Robin Williams at his finest (save for Dead Poets Society) will break your heart time and time again. The "I gotta go see about the girl" scene and this one —the "it's not your fault" scene — are probably the two hardest hitters.
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The Movie: My Girl
The Scene: Thomas J's funeral

When Vada (Anna Chlumsky) walks up to the casket in the middle of her BFF Thomas J's funeral and starts demanding that someone grab his glasses! Breaks you every damn time!
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The Movie: The Best Man Holiday
The Scene: The entire second half of the film

My cousins and I like to call The Best Man Holiday the "Secret Sad Movie" because it looks so fun and upbeat in the trailers. They're playing Blurred Lines! What a blast! And then — BAM! One of the characters dies of cancer on Christmas day.
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The Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
The Scene:"Brooks was here"

When Brooks "Brooksy" Hatlen leaves prison after being locked up for almost 50 years and finds that life on the outside is miserable and lonely, I break. EVERY. TIME. Poor Brooks.
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The Movie: Remember The Titans
The Scene:
"Don't you see the family resemblance? That's my brother"

When the Titans are riding high Gary gets into a car accident and becomes paralyzed from the waist down. And it really hits you when his former enemy-turned BFF Julius comes to see him in the hospital. Left side. Strong side!
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The Movie: Penny Serenade
The Scene: When Cary Grant begs to keep his daughter

If you've never seen Penny Serenade, buy two boxes of tissues before viewing. The movie is about a couple (Cary Grant and Irene Dunne) that desperately wants to have a family, and suffers through a miscarriage. They turn to adoption, but when Cary Grant loses his job, they risk losing their daughter. Enter this heartbreaking scene —Cary Grant at his best while making an emotional plea to the judge to keep his daughter. (It happens around the 1 hour 25 minute mark, btw).
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The Movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
The Scene: When Spock dies

Spock and Kirk are one of the oldest pop culture bromances there is. So when Spock sacrifices himself to save the ship (and slowly dies from radiation poisoning), it's hard to watch the old friends share one last moment together. The tears really start to flow when he puts his hand on the glass with the Vulcan salute. KHAAAAAAANNNNNN!
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The Movie: Toy Story 3
The Scene: The Incinerator

Someone at Pixar really enjoys tugging at your heart strings until you're just destroyed. And that's exactly what happens in Toy Story 3. After years of growing up with these characters, we're treated to one of the scariest, most upsetting scenes Pixar and Disney have ever created.
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The Movie: Marley & Me
The Scene:
"I want you to know you're a great dog, Marley"

Marley & Me was not the best movie ever made. But when an aging and ailing Marley dies, with Owen Wilson whispering his love to him, it's SO DAMN SAD. Trying to choke back tears during this scene is nearly impossible for any human who's ever loved a pet and been loved by a pet.
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The Movie: Selma
The Scene: When Oprah tries to register to vote

Truthfully, there are countless sad and disturbing scenes in Selma. But I broke in the first few minutes of the film when Oprah tries to vote. Maybe it's the sad look on her face when he asks her to name all 67 county judges. Or maybe it's the realization that this wasn't all that long ago — and it's hauntingly timely for an era when voting rights are in jeopardy for millions of Americans.
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The Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I
The Scene: When Dobby dies

The only thing more heartbreaking than Harry's desperate plea of "help me!" to his friends as Dobby lays in his arms, is the fact that Dobby is just SO happy to be surrounded by people he can consider his friends.
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The Movie: Pretty Woman
The Scene: The happy ending

Who doesn't love to watch Pretty Woman? But I'd be lying if I didn't admit to tearing up during a few scenes every time it comes on. Especially at the very end when they finally get together —and wink at every inside joke and romantic moment from the entire film. Also, her hair is perfect. And when she says, "She rescues him right back," you smile through the tears.
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The Movie: Fruitvale Station
The Scene: Every scene with Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer's performance as Oscar Grant's mother in Fruitvale Station is incredible. And every scene she shares with Michael B. Jordan left me emotional. Especially this scene of her visiting him in jail, and the very end of this movie with Spencer hoping her son will survive a gunshot wound. It's all the more upsetting when you realize this movie is reflecting today's headlines.
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The Movie: Up
The Scene: The first five minutes

Damn you, Pixar. The first five minutes of Up take you through the life and relationship of Ellie and Carl. It goes from being the sweetest happiest scene, to the most upsetting realization of how short life is.
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The Movie: The Fox and the Hound
The Scene: When Fox gets left in the woods

Ugh. This movie has several sad moments since it's all about overcoming differences to be friends. But one of the worst scenes is when Tod the fox gets left behind in the woods. Poor thing.
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The Movie: Hocus Pocus
The Scene: Goodbye, Binks

Just when they finally defeat the witches, the trio of kids is met with the death (or "release") of Thachary Binks. He's no longer a cat because he's finally free! But that means a tearful goodbye from his ghost to the young Dani (Thora Birch). Gets me every time.
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The Movie: Now Voyager
The Scene: "Don't let's ask for the moon..."

In what may be one of the best ending lines to a movie of all time, Bette Davis breaks off her long affair with the love of her life at the end of Now Voyager. The movie is emotional to boot since it shows her character break out of her shell. But this final scene — after everything they've been through — is so damn sad. Especially when he asks if she'll ever be happy without him. Her response: "Jerry, don't let's ask for the moon. We have the stars."

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